General FAQs

Why did PMTG prices change?

Our prices changed because our formula changed, Our new formula is the ONLY formula that has outlasted the test of time. Our new formula combined with our Glow additive has resulted with the BEST and brightest glow in the dark polish available!

Does PMTG charge sales tax?

Yes we do! We live in Virginia and we also pay our taxes as a business. We will only charge what we are being charged.

How long should PMTG polish last once it has been applied?

If applied properly with a base and top coat, PMTG polishes should last from 1-2 weeks on the natural nail and 2-4 weeks on artificial nails.

Do PMTG polishes require a white undie in order for them to glow?

No, but we recommend one when using a PMTG color because WHITE absorbs and reflects light boosting the color and enhancing the glow!

Will adding nail polish thinner affect the glow in PMTG polishes?

No, adding the correct amount of polish thinner should in fact allow more light to travel through the formula allowing it to charge quicker and reflecting more light! However, adding too much thinner may cause the formula to thin out and loose its suspension ability, causing the pigment to sink or separate from the base.

Why do PMTG polishes glow brighter then other glow in the dark polishes?

PMTG has a private supplier of Glow pigments that are not available to many. The size in particles are bigger then the ones more commonly found. The bigger the particle, the brighter the glow allowing the particle to hold the charge longer.

How many coats of PMTG polishes do I use in order to achieve maximum glow?

If using alone, 2-3 thin coats, If using along with a white undie 1-2 coats should be sufficient.

When will PMTG polishes be available in other countries besides the US?

Once the demand is there along with a willing international stockist.

How should I store my PMTG polishes?

We recommend storing PMTG polishes in a dry, cool well ventilated area. Keep away from extreme heat, or other flammable chemicals. Never smoke or use near an open flame while applying PMTG polishes.

Do I have have to shake PMTG polishes before applying them?

Yes, We recommend you shake for 15-30 seconds, Just like any other polish needs to be shaken in order for the pigment to evenly disperse. This will allow a smooth and even application. 

Do PMTG polishes include agitator balls that help mix the pigments in the polish?

Yes, Popper toppers include 1-2, and all highly pigment colors include 2-3 stainless steal 

Are PMTG polishes guaranteed?

Yes! We are so confident in our new formula that we give you a ONE year guarantee against settling pigment, thickening formula, loss of glow, or color changes in the polish itself or your money back AND a store credit!

Are PMTG polishes or base tested on animals?

No way! We love our cuddly friends!

Are PMTG polishes 3-free or 5-free?

PMTG polishes are now 5-free vs 3-free, This means our base ingredient does NOT include Formaldehyde (or its derivatives), Toluene, dibutyl phthalate aka DBP, camphor and Parabens which are toxic to the nails and have been lead to causing cancer!

NEW Formula FAQs

How do PMTG polishes Glow in the dark?

We use a safe, non-toxic additive to our base combined with color pigments and/or glitters that absorb light and release its effect in the dark.

How long does the Glow last once it has been charged?

The Glow can last up to 6 continuous hours in the dark with no exposure to any light before needing to be recharged, it will continue to glow after but will dim out. To recharge simply expose your nails to a light source.

How long will the Glow last over all?

The glow overall should last up to 4 years guaranteed, but may last up to 8 years as long as it is being charged.

Is the GLOW ingredient toxic?

No, Its actually a non-toxic, non-radioactive ingredient by the name of Strontium Aluminate.

Why does the new PMTG formula smell stronger then the old formula?

We needed a base that was thin to make the application process better, clear to get maximum glow and better quality color at the same time long lasting. The smell came with the territory for the BEST results. The smell should subside one the top coat has been applied and fully dried.

What if I bought the older formula PMTG polish and had issues with it?

We will gladly replace your polish with a new formula PMTG polish that is available or will give you store credit for the equal value of your purchase. We ask that you contact our customer service with your information including your full name, date of purchase or copy of receipt, Name of PMTG polish, size of polish whether its a mini or full size and complete mailing address along with a picture of the bottle of PMTG polish.

How come PMTG toppers glow less without a base color?

If there is no base color under PMTG toppers, there is nothing for the light to reflect off because there is no colored pigment for the light to absorb into. To fix this problem we recommend at least 4 thin coats of a topper alone and the problem should be solved.

Will discontinued PMTG colors be released in the new formula?

Depending on whether we receive a demand for the colors by name.

Will the glow pigment sink to the bottom of the bottle with the new formula?

No, After much testing of this formula, even after sitting still for months only the suggested “shaking” is required to revert the polish back to its original consistency.

Is the new PMTG formula grainy?

No! even with our bigger size glow particles we have found the best combination to keep the formula as thin and glossy as possible.

Will the New formula get thick after a while?

No, even after testing under the direct sunlight and higher then recommended temperatures our New PMTG formula reverted back to its original consistency.

Shipping FAQs

Is shipping for PMTG products free?

Yes! Orders under 13oz will be shipped first class via USPS and orders that exceed 13oz will be shipped priority via USPS.

How do you insure my packages will arrive safely?

We provide tracking with every domestic order and carefully wrap every individual PMTG polish in high quality bubble wrap bags. We then  box them and package them in a padded Mailing envelope or USPS approved shipping box to ensure the least possible damage during the transportation and delivery process.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Every item showing “In stock” is already prepackaged and ready to ship. So once we confirm payment has been received we print the label, insert your order into its proper mailing box or envelope then we ship it off right away! Please be aware of  Sundays and national Holidays that may delay your order. We ship Monday-Saturday from 9am to 12pm EST. Orders received after 12pm will be shipped the following business day.

How long does and item take to be shipped off?

If your order is completed on a weekday after 12pm noon, we will ship it out the following morning. If your order is completed before 9am on a business day we will ship it the same day.

How long will it take for me to receive my package once I have ordered it?

Usually orders arrive 2-3 days after we have shipped it out. States closer to Virginia usually receive it quicker. If your mailing address is in Virginia it may take 1 business day.

What shipping method do you prefer?

In order for us to keep shipping free, we prefer USPS. However if you have a large order and prefer a different carrier we will be willing to coordinate shipping for you accommodations for an additional charge.

How can I check the status of my order?

If you entered your email when you completed your order or check out with PayPal, tracking info should be updated automatically once we have printed your label. You can enter your tracking number into the search bar at to track your package. If you cannot find that information please contact our customer service with your name and order number so we can update any missing information.

What if I have not received my order?

If tracking shows that the package has indeed been lost, we will gladly resend a new package to the address that was given upon checkout.

What can i do if a polish breaks during the delivery process?

Send us a picture of your broken PMTG polish and we will gladly send you a new replacement polish FREE of charge!

Do you ship international?

Not as of yet. If you know anyone who is interested in distributing PMTG polishes outside of the US please forward us their company information and we will contact them. Feel free to send them our way as well!

PMTG and other Brands FAQs

Will using any top coat over PMTG polishes affect the glow?

No, Once the top coat has dried the polishes should glow just as bright as they did without the top coat. You may, however, want to ask the manufacturer of the individual top coat to see if there are any limitations to their product.

If I use a matte top coat will PMTG polishes still glow?

YES! Its actually a quite divine combination!

Can I use these polishes with other indie or store brand polishes?

Yes, On our end its a Go!

 Although Gel polishes that use a UV or LED light cure are NOT compatible. The Lamps are a great source of light to charge our polishes though!

Can I use ANY top coat with PMTG polishes?

Yes, ANY brand as long as its POLISH and NOT GEL should work perfectly fine.

What White Undie do you recommend I use to maximize the Glow of your polishes?

We recommend PMTGs “White Undie” because its a ONE coater with maximum coverage that applies thin and smooth for a better result.

Can I use ANY brand base coat with PMTG polishes?

Yes, Use your favorite base coat, allow to fully dry then apply PMTG polishes an top it off with your favorite top coat.

Can I use PMTG Popper Toppers over ANY brand to make them glow?

Yes! Use them over polish, gel (with a polish top coat over), Paints and acrylic nails.

Can I mix PMTG polishes with other polishes to make them glow too? (Franken)

No, The polishes may not be compatible because of the chemical used in the base causing the polishes to split instead of mixing together. we DO NOT recommend mixing unless its with another PMTG new formula GITD polish color. 

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