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.5oz bottle of Matte Glow in the Dark Nail polish by PolishMeToGo

Polish name is Yell Oh Mint (pastel line)

This polish glows Green/Yellow

Light sources to charge
UV light

Black Light

LED light

flash light?

Anything that shines bright!

How does it work?

you can compare the science of this polish to a solar light.
You apply it step by step (directions included)
Once the polish completely dries you can use ANY type of light to "charge" your finger nails.
Simply Hold your nails directly to a light source for 1-5 minutes for an ultra charge and maximum glow! The polish will keep glowing even after hours. SOME COLORS MAY GLOW LONGER/BRIGHTER THEN OTHERS!

I have tried to formulate these polishes to give maximum glow to each individual color,glow may vary.

All My Glow polishes are 3 free they do NOT contain Toluene,
Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate.

For maximum Glow we suggest you purchase PolishMeToGo's WHITE UNDIE- This is a thin opaque white base that with only one thin coat will give you full cover to enhance the Glow polish and make it glow to its maximum!

Shake well before every use and read entire directions before your first application.

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